Across Borders: Dutch Migration to North America and Australia

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The Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies (AADAS) chose “across borders” as the theme for their 2010 biennial conference in part to reflect the literal passage across borders which this meeting in Canada entailed for AADAS members from the United States. Yet “across borders” also embodied more figurative meanings, such as comparisons between generations, or the search for identity that meant replicating or replacing previous ideas and practices in a new setting or because of different circumstances. Separation also featured prominently in the theme of Christian institutions: churches, labor unions, and other groups. The ringing attention to religion found in previous AADAS conferences resonated even deeper in this case. In other ways the conference echoed and amplified topics from the past. For three days AADAS members shared their scholarship, insights, and stories. This volume is a compilation of papers presented at that conference.

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