(alpha,gamma) cross section measurements in the region of light p nuclei

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The Zr-90(alpha,gamma) Mo-94, Zr-92(alpha,gamma) Mo-96, and Ge-74(alpha,gamma) Se-78 reaction cross sections were measured for the first time in an effort to expand the existing experimental database for (alpha,gamma) reactions relevant for the production of p nuclei in the universe. In particular, the Zr-90(alpha,gamma) Mo-94 reaction was identified by a sensitivity study for its potential impact on the gamma-process mass flow in the region of light p nuclei. The measurements were performed for energies E-alpha = 9.5-12.0 MeV at the University of Notre Dame using the SuN detector and the gamma-summing technique. The results are compared to theoretical calculations from the TALYS and NON-SMOKER nuclear reaction codes, and it is shown that the data greatly reduce the uncertainty in the cross section for the measured energies. The TALYS parameters that provide the best description of the experimental data are reported.