Coincidence Correlations Between Light Charged Particles in the Matched Reactions 905 and 1030 MeV121Sb + 27Al and 550 and 750 MeV 86Kr + 63Cu

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Coincidence measurements have been made between and a second particle () produced in the reactions 905 and 1030 MeV and 550 and 750 MeV . All four of the reactions lead to composite systems of 149Tb∗ or 148Gd∗ which facilitates comparisons of matched reactions. In the two reactions and the 550 MeV reaction, the particle-particle coincidences are dominated by processes that lead to evaporation residues. In the 750 MeV reaction, about half of the 1H and 4He are associated with evaporation residue production. These particle-particle coincidences arise from cross sections that are subsets of the total evaporation residue cross sections. The derived individual particle chain lengths are ∼ 2 for both protons and alphas in each of the four reactions. The particle multiplicities and subset cross sections associated with the evaporation residues are quite similar for the matched reactions, in contrast to fission-like processes where spin-dependent entrance channel effects were observed.

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