Connected Science : Strategies For Integrative Learning In College

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Fostering integrative capacities for the 21st century / Tricia A. Ferrett -- From student learning to teaching foundations / Tricia A. Ferrett -- Public health and biochemistry: connecting content, issues, and values for majors / Matthew A. Fisher -- Designing to make a difference: authentic integration of professional skills in an engineering capstone design course / Gregory Kremer -- Integrative learning in a data-rich mathematics classroom / Mike Burke -- Navigating wormholes: integrative learning in a first-year field course / Bettie Higgs -- Linking integrated middle-school science with literacy in Australian teacher education / David R. Geelan -- SCALE-UP in a large introductory biology course / Robert Brooker, David Matthes, Robin Wright, Deena Wassenberg, Susan Wick, and Brett Couch -- Reuniting the arts and sciences via interdisciplinary learning communities / Xian Liu, Kate Maiolatesi, and Jack Mino -- Pedagogies of integration / Richard A. Gale -- Integrative moves by novices: crossing institutional, course, and student contexts / Tricia A. Ferrett and Joanne L. Stewart -- Facilitating and sustaining interdisciplinary curricula: from theory to practice / Whitney M. Schlegel.


Informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), Connected Science presents a new approach to college science education for the 21st century. This interdisciplinary approach stresses integrative learning and pedagogies that engage students through open-ended inquiry, compelling real-world questions, and data-rich experiences. Faculty from a variety of disciplines and institutions present case studies based on research in the classroom, offering insights into student learning goals and best practices in curriculum design. Synthetic chapters bring together themes from the case studies, present an overview of the connected science approach, and identify strategies and future challenges to help move this work forward. -- publisher's description.


Science, Study And Teaching, Higher Education, Interdisciplinary Approach In Education

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