Measurement Of The Zr-90,zr-92(p,gamma)nb-91,nb-93 Reactions For The Nucleosynthesis Of Elements Near A=90

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Cross section measurements of the reactions Zr-90,Zr-92(p,gamma)Nb-91,Nb-93 were performed using the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory Summing NaI(Tl) detector at the University of Notre Dame. These reactions are part of the nuclear reaction flow for the synthesis of the light p nuclei. For the Zr-90(p,gamma)Nb-91 reaction the new measurement resolves the disagreement between previous results. For the Zr-92(p,gamma)Nb-93 reaction the present work reports the first measurement of this reaction cross section. Both reaction cross sections are compared to theoretical calculations and a very good agreement with the standard NON-SMOKER model is observed.