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Presentation Date

Fall 11-14-2014

Conference Name

National Association for Gifted Children 61st Annual Convention and Exhibition

Conference Location

Baltimore, MD


The task of problem posing is often overlooked as a means to develop creatively gifted mathematicians. Silver (1997) suggested that problem posing was an instructional tactic used worldwide to develop creativity in mathematicians. More specifically, Silver advocated that deliberate instructional tactics had to be employed to precipitate creative solutions. Problem posing is often correlated with the aesthetic nature of mathematics.

In this cutting-edge session, participants’ objective is to learn about the value of problem posing through a brief presentation and have an opportunity to generate their own mathematical problem solving tasks given a mathematical concept. The intent is to encourage teachers to consider problem posing as an instructional tactic through having them engage in the experience at this session prior to trying it in their classroom(s). In short, teachers will have a miniature professional development session on what it means to engage students in problem posing.