Submissions from 2012

Adaptations of Concept Mapping for Technical System Design, Lauren Aprill

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain, Derek Blok

Factors Affecting Kinetics and Equilibrium of Biodiesel Transesterification, Katherine Brune

Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Using an Impulse Plug, Christian Calyore

Exploring the Relationship between Multi-Segment Foot Kinematics and Plantar Pressure Data in Adolescents with Planus and Cavus Foot Deformities: A Pilot Study , Elena Caruthers

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain, Johanna Forst

Infrared Thermography As A Nondestructive Evaluation Technique For Fiber Composite Bridge Decks, Philip Hallam

Nondestructive Evaluation of FRP Bridge Deck Panels, Phillip Hallam

Vapor Pressure Predictions of the Sanchez-Lacombe Equation, Nicholas Hubley

Case Study of Small-Scale Wind Turbine Power Production, Laine Klopfenstein

Implementation and Control of a Reconfigurable 8-Tetrahedral Robot, Cornelius Smits

Failure Predictions of a Clamped Plate Under Close-in Blast Loading, Brigid Toner

Submissions from 2011

Response of Plate Structures to Close-Range Blast Loading, Benjamin Barkel and Benjamin Bjerke

An Empirical Correction for Determining SRK and PR Vapor Pressures, Jonathan Boldt

Stress Analysis of Artificial Shoulder Joints, Christian Calyore

Design and Implementation of an 8-TET Robot, James Dratz and Cornelius Smits

Refining FEA Material Models Through Dynamic Testing, Eric Dulmes

Developing a Standard Test Method for Overlap Shear Splices for Wet-Layup FRP Samples, Benjamin Fineout

Modeling Biological and Chemical Processes in Slow Sand Filtration, Tabatha Hipshear

Characterization of Truncation Error Using PRSV Series Method, Brett Kopinski

Evaluating FRP/Concrete Bond Using Infrared Thermography, Leah Patenge