Submissions from 2012

Why Are Asian Americans a Forgotten Sub-Culture and How Are They a Part of American History?, Haley Beck, Christopher Jones, and Allison Leigon

Categorizing Children’s Books Used in the CASA Program by Reading Levels and Life Skill Themes, Kristen Craig

Counting Cailloux, Multiplying Mambos: An Analysis of Mathematics Education in Cameroonian Primary Schools, Rachel Elzinga

The Effects of Project-based Learning (PBL) Approach on the Achievement and Efficacy of High School Mathematics: A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Effects of the PBL Approach in Math Education, Anna Filcik, Kristen Bosch, and Nicholas Haugen

The Veto in the United Nations Security Council, Bryce Groshek, Osiris Morel, and Shubham Sapkota

Using Regional Data to Correlate Program Effectiveness: Delta Math as a case study: The effects of the Delta Math Response to Intervention program on student achievement, Nicholas Haugen

Students on the Move: Obstacles and Opportunities in the Education of Migrant Children, Miriam Hernandez, Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez, and Laura Van Oss

Optimizing the Collegiate Experience of Learning Disabled Students, Ann Hersey, Matthew Hughes, and Lindsay Timmerman

What Makes Successful Independent Living for Individuals with Disabilities?, Sarah Lidgard and Jayne Vroon

Sex-Trafficking As a Form of Slavery Today, Heather Nicholson, Clara Starr, and Maxine Terry

Submissions from 2011

Perceptions of Michigan Educators on the Michigan Merit Curriculum, Marcy Blowers and Nydia Chavarria

The Friendship House: A Three Year Longitudinal StudyThe Friendship House: A Three Year Longitudinal Study, Alex Harsay and Jillian Valentino

What is the Impact of CASA (Children's After School Achievement) on Student Achievement?, Jori Niemann

Mathematics Literacy: Using Technology to Improve Student's Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics, Jonathan Wielenga, Brittany Holloway, and Sarah Lohman