Submissions from 2012

The Halo Effect’s Influence on Mate Selection, Emily Evans

The National Hockey League and Salary Determination:Are NHL player's salaries discriminated against based on country of origin?, Christopher Kunnen

Submissions from 2011

The Effect of Per Pupil Expenditure on ACT Scores, Michael Bazydlo

A Look at Contributing Factors to Delaying Early, Normal, and Late Retirement, Kelsey Bos

Volumes and Volatilities: A Study on the Transition from Open-outcry to Electronic Trading in CME Live Cattle Futures, Tyler Busdicker

Entrepreneurial Business Creation Response to Monetary Policy, Kevin Hagan

An Empirical Investigation on the Effect of Long Term Debt on Country Bond Yields, Jonathan Herrman

U.S. Manufacturers Diminishing Demand for Labor, Drew Klooster

The College Town: An Economic Analysis of a College's Effect on its Environment, Jordan Richardson

Effects of Size, Industry and Type of Ownership on Business Firm Longevity, Katelyn Rumsey

Can Benefits Sometimes Hurt? A Look at the Relationship Between Unemployment Insurance and the Unemployment Rate, Matthew Witt