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Dr. Dennis Feaster, Sociology & Social Work

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Children with disabilities are a highly vulnerable group around the world, including in China (Cheung, 2013). However, China’s context differs in two notable ways: population size and lack of systematic means of delivering community-based services for people with disabilities (Fisher, Li, and Fan, 2012; UNICEF-EAPRO, 2012). This project focused on the study of community-based services in China and their role in the continuum of care for persons with disabilities. In addition, students and faculty participated in experiential learning and professional development through engagement with non-governmental organizations that focus on this population in the cities of Beijing, Xian, Zhengzhou, and Hong Kong. Students also participated in a range of professional activities, including providing training for parents who have children with disabilities, participating in home visiting sessions, and working closely with local service providers on self-identified areas of interest and need.


This project was supported by the ASIANetwork and the Freeman Foundation through the Student-Faculty Fellows Program.