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Jimmy Cerone

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Dr. Justin M. Shorb, Chemistry

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Rising textbook prices are pushing both students and professors to consider alternatives to the traditional textbook. The online medium is promising because of reduced prices and additional interactivity. One possible solution is an open textbook, which is freely available online. One feature of the online medium is that references within a textbook can be linked, and students can click these links to move easily between topics. The research performed here uses Google Analytics website traffic data to see how the over 2,000,000 visitors per month use intertext links (links to other parts of the textbook) on the 20 most popular pages. Specifically, patterns of use for intertext links were investigated and the insight gained is applied in the form of design principles for continued development of LibreText ChemPRIME textbook and other future online textbooks.


This material is based upon work supported by the Dow Scholars Foundation and the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1524990.

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