Student Author(s)

Grace Du Mez
Michael Kiley

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Mike Jipping, Computer Science

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This project worked with the Ready For Life Program at Hope College in order to help its students more confidently find familiar faces when they find themselves alone in a public place. Our work resulted in the construction of an iPhone app, Pallist, which allows Ready For Life students to create connections with fellow iPhone users and see which of these other users is nearby. Our app was customized for Hope College students by designing it to sense when a user is in a specific building on campus and then showing the location of fellow users that are inside this same building. When outdoors, users are considered “nearby” when they are within 50 m. of each other. Ready for Life students will be able to use our app to independently navigate new social settings with the confidence that they will be able to locate someone they know.