PIGE Analysis of Food Contact Papers and Fabrics Containing PFAS

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Dr. Peaslee, Chemistry, Dr. DeYoung, Physics

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are chemical compounds used as powerful, long-lived surfactants in many consumer products. These fluorochemicals are present in stain-resistant and waterproof carpets, fabrics and papers. PFAS coatings have become an area of public concern due to their environmental persistence, ability to bioaccumulate, and suspected human toxicity. A variety of tests have been conducted in order to better understand the relationship between these PFAS coatings and consumer products. PFAS migration studies have been conducted in order to examine the mobility of PFASs in contact with food simulants and condiments. Water contact angle measurements have been obtained on food contact papers to show the relationship between the fluorine concentration and the properties of water on the hydrophobic PFAS coated papers. Additionally, calibration curves of paper and fabric standards have been created in order to convert the fluorine concentrations, determined by PIGE analysis, given in counts of gamma rays per microcoulomb into units of nanograms of fluorine per centimeter squared.


NSF RUI: PHY-1306074

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