Exploration of the Political Gender Gap in the U.S.

Student Author(s)

Ilena Yankoviak

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Polet, Political Science

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While the majority of women voted Democrat in the 2016 election, why did 53% of white women vote Republican? The intention of this research is to examine the discrepancy in opportunities, status and attitude between men and women in American politics at the federal level. This is referred to as the gender gap. By understanding this we can determine how women vote and specifically how it affects their party identification. This is conducted through a historic exploration of literature discussing this topic. In the article “Behind Trump’s Victory,” author Alec Tyson reveals the deep divisions in campaigns emphasizing the impact gender possesses. This paper analyzes the vast variables that give dimension to the research, and attempt to formulate an answer for the causation of the gender gap in American politics.

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