Sex Trafficking in the United States and Russia

Student Author(s)

Lauren Prince

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jeff Polet , Political Science

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Human trafficking in the form of sex trafficking is an issue that has continued to grow around the world. In the global world today, the US Department of State ratings shows that Russia is a tier three country indicating a high percentage of trafficking and the United States is a tier one country indicating a low percentage of trafficking. However, both countries still contribute and supply to a larger market for other countries to trade with. The purpose of this paper is to understand which factors are present in tier one and tier three countries that could be contributing to the growth of trafficking in tier one countries. In studying the sex trafficking industry in both countries, this paper will underline the contributing factors such as; poverty rates, globalization, and government legal systems. This paper begins by outlining the problem: sex trafficking, and then goes on to outlining contributing factors in both countries. Following, this paper examines whether or not laws are in place in each country that would help lower the percentage of trafficking within their country. This paper concludes by discussing possible solutions.

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