Jane Eyre: The Musical

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Reagan Chesnut, Theatre

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Hope College Theatre Department’s production of “Jane Eyre: The Musical” presented an array of unique challenges. Research for this production started with a general analysis of the script for technical elements. This analysis included a thorough evaluation of the settings, props, costumes, lighting, sound, and other unique challenges called for in the original script. This analysis was conducted with the understanding that many of those elements called for could be removed, minimized, or changed throughout the rehearsal process. After this initial analysis was conducted further analyses were performed during production meetings and throughout the rehearsal process. To gain a complete understanding of our production, all the pieces involved, and how they all work together, close attention was payed to the requests and comments of the director and designers. These requests and comments were recorded in production meeting and rehearsal reports throughout the process. Along with this a detailed record of the movements of actors, props, and set pieces was kept throughout the process. All this information was eventually compiled and used to formulate a record of the production both on and offstage assisting in a smooth and consistent run during each performance.

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