Just another ACL Tear, or Is It?

Student Author(s)

Baileigh Mesman

Faculty Mentor(s)

Margaret Frens, Athletic Training

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An ACL tear may present with complications during the rehabilitation process. This case examines one which might not be as common, a cyclops lesion. A 20 year-old collegiate football player three months into post-surgical rehabilitation experienced limited knee extension, anterior knee pain, an audible click with functional movements as well as decreased strength given his disposition. Timely recovery from an ACL repair is inhibited with these lesions due to the location and potential size of the structural deformity. A fibrous notch was evident upon further examination of this athlete approximately three months into his rehabilitation process through MRI imaging. Review of the revision, the presentation and complications of a cyclops lesion as well as progressive rehabilitation procedures are explained. This case also pursues the importance of patient and practitioner communication as well as the vigilance in detecting complications in what should be normal progression after ACL repair.

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