Impact of In Situ Simulation on Role Responsibility as an Educational Response in the Emergency Department

Student Author(s)

Thomas Finn

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Emilie Dykstra Goris, PhD, RN, Hope College Department of Nursing, Chad Galdys, BSN, RN, Spectrum Health

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Interdisciplinary teamwork and individual role awareness of health care workers impact patient care in acute situations. The purpose of this quality improvement study is to measure the impact of in situ simulation on scope of practice as an educational delivery method within interdisciplinary teams in Butterworth Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED). The nursing framework that shaped this study is Hildegard Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations, because it focuses on the nurse’s roles in interpersonal relationships with the patient and others. The study design will be observational, focusing on quality improvement in the Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital ED. Using the Clinical Teamwork Scale (CTS), assessors will observe and evaluate interdisciplinary teams during an in situ simulation intervention focused on emergency care. The sample size is yet to be determined and will consist of a multidisciplinary convenience sample in the Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital Emergency Department. The multidisciplinary team will consist of providers, nurses, nurse technicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacy and others. Data will be analyzed using SPSS version 23. The results and conclusions of the study are yet to be determined. Limitations include that the CTS limits measurements because it assesses the team as a whole instead of individual team members. The study will also use a small sample size at a single site. Implications of the study will focus on quality improvement in the hospital and will be distributed and discussed as Spectrum Health sees fit. The findings will be used for education benefit throughout Spectrum Health and specifically the ED.


This research was supported by Spectrum Health.

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