The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Hope College Abstracts: 16th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College



Synthesis of Ortho-Substituted Benzamides through Decarbonylative Cross-Coupling of Phthalimides, Grace Ahlgrim, Ethan Heyboer, and Trey Pankratz

Welkoming a Greener Campus? It's Up to You!, Cindy Alexander, Christopher Kruger, Regan Jekkals, Chelsea Steinfeldt, and Marissa Marks


The JanDY Survey System, Evan Altman, Michael Kiley, and Mark Powers

The Anti-Slavery Almanac, Kirstin Anderson, Nina Kay, and Andrew Monroe

Where Are The Women?, Miche Andre

Sleep in College Students: How is Sleep Related to Daily Health and Spiritual Behaviors, and How Does Sleep Education Affect Sleep Quality and Quantity?, Haila Asefa, Jordan Brown, Sam Kuiper, Tymi Staub, Samantha Stevens, Laura Teal, and Luke Wiles

St. Philip’s Sons: Frederick William Faber and His Hymnody, Jonathan Bading


Looking Up: Discovering the Characters, Chronology, and Complexities of Baroque Italian Ceiling Art, Ellee Banaszak

Public Opinion and War in America, Gabrielle Barber

The Effect of Maternal Work Hours on Children’s Mental Health, Trevor Barker


Inclusivity or…?: A Multi-Lens Feminist Analysis of H&M’s She’s a Lady Commercial, Rachel Barszcz

Environmental Noise Monitoring Using a Wireless Sensor Network, Jorge Benitez and Courtney Myers

Understanding Noah's Flood, Andrew Bennett

Presence of Community Resources and Its Effect on Health Literacy, Jenna Bergmooser

Flourishing and the Unity of Virtues: Psychology Listens to Philosophy, Natasha Jaina Bernal, Juliette Collins, Rebekah Loker, Robert Henry, Kerri Knoll, and Erin Freiburger

Monitoring Nutrient Levels and Sediment in Lake Macatawa Watershed, Prescott Binder, Mallory Luke, Nestor Barrera, Ford Fishman, Max Huffman, Abagail Jeavons, Andrew Klein, William Kleinheksel, Elizabeth Morehead, Abbygayle Parshall, Clay Sanders, Adam Slater, Cleveland Tarp, and Benjamin Turner

Interest Groups Effect on CO2 Emissions/Environment, Jake Birkhaug

Homocysteine Exposure in Early Postnatal Rats Leads to an Incomplete Bipolar Disorder Phenotype, Mariah Biscan, Sarah Carrara, Megan Edwards, Sarah Faith Kim, Carolina Marshall, Carrie Mullen, Katie Pniewski, Dalila Salas, Stephanie Simko, and Laura Teal

Developing an iOS App for Educational Budgeting, Natalie Boardway, Joanie Davis, and Meredith Lind

When Will "Real Bodies" Mean All Bodies?: A Critical Look at the #AerieREAL Ad Campaign, Sophia Bouma-Prediger

The Effect of Beetroot Powder Supplementation on Intermittent Cycling Performance, Claire Bouret, Hannah Lentz, Josh Kraft, and Byoungjoon Jang

Assessing the Role of Endophytic Fungi in Canada Wildrye Grass, Joshua Briggs, Santiago Rios, and Carter Wolff


Groundwater under Hope College's Campus: Suspended Load Characterization, Erin Brophy, Brooke Mattson, and Mckenzie Stock

Investigating the Potential of the HKUST-1 Metal-Organic Framework for Ammonia Adsorption, Landon Brower and Brandon Bowser

Effect of Caffeine on Anaerobic Cycling Performance, Katerina Buck, Caitlyn Campbell, Erica Theros, and Elizabeth Lane

What Effect Does Community Size Have on Individual Voter Turnout?, Arend Buitenhuis

Nursing Leaders in Academia, Katrina Bulthuis

Putting "Interactive" Back in Interactive Journals, Rebecca Buth and Megan Jacobs

How Long is Too Long? A Concussion Overview, Taylor Carter

Nursing Teamwork and Negative Patient Outcomes: A Correlational Study, Madeline Chapman

Secret Desire: Islam, Mysticism, and Peace-Making in Hikayat Hang Tuah, Joshua Chun Wah Kam

Developing Monovalent Ion Parameters for the Optimal Point Charge (OPC) Water Model, Daniel Clark and John Dood

Predictive Validity of Mate Standards, Juliette Collins and Natasha Jaina Bernal

Examining Changing Political Trust in America, Kiley Corcoran

Attitudes towards LGBTQ Rights, DeVante Cosby

Development and Optimization of Amperometric Glucose Biosensors Based on Glucose Oxidase and Tris[5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline]Iron(II) Polymer Films, Kyle Cushman

Holland Hospital Home Health Telemonitor Initiatives, Rachel deMarigny

The Language of Gender, Nicolette DeSantis


The Modern History of Global Food, Margaret Dickinson, Noah Switalski, Leland Cook, and Natalie Fulk

The Role of Priming Disaster Images on Meaning, Religion, and God Associations, Kirstin Diepholz, Rachel Hibbard, and Megan Edwards

Surface Stimulation as a Potential Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain, Brooke Draggoo and Anthony Nguyen

The Role of Virtuous Acts on Meaning in Life, Megan Edwards, Kirstin Diepholz, and Rachael Hibbard

Validation of a Novel Transition Frequency Eigenanalysis Approach in the Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data for Understanding Viewing Patterns of Multiple Representations, Richard Edwards and Gracie Lewellyn

The Performance of Womanhood, Carolyn Ellis


Digital Holland, Elizabeth Ensink, Kirstin Anderson, Irene Gerrish, and Sarah Lundy

National Cybersecurity and Public Trust in Government, Brittany Evans


Does Biochar Improve Disturbed, Sandy Soils?, Kathleen Fast

Religion, Government, and Conflict, Dominic Ferrera

Modeling Surface Electrical Stimulation, Kate Finn and Jessica Gaines

Impact of In Situ Simulation on Role Responsibility as an Educational Response in the Emergency Department, Thomas Finn

Specific Lipid Requirements and Localized Lipid Composition Changes Associated with Flock House Virus RNA Replication in Drosophila Cells, Haley Fischman, Natalie Filipowicz, and Kathleen Muloma

Seasonal Variation in Microbial Populations in Lake Macatawa Watershed, Ford Fishman, Abbygayle Parshall, Nestor Barrera, Prescott Binder, Max Huffman, Abagail Jeavons, Andrew Klein, William Kleinheksel, Mallory Luke, Elizabeth Morehead, Clay Sanders, Adam Slater, Cleveland Tarp, and Benjamin Turner

Utilizing a Home-Built Confocal Fluorescence Microscope to Study Neuroregeneration, Kevin Franz, Marissa Solórzano, Christopher Davis, Andrew Cutshall, Sarah Jernigan, Timothy Hoffman, Derek Summers, and Arcelia Ortega

Love & Information Lighting Design, Nils Fritjofson


The Relationship between a Nation-State Being Land-Locked and Its Economic Development, Natalie Fulk

Modeling Motor and Sensory Axons, Jessica Gaines and Kate Finn

Factors That Lead States to Raise Their Minimum Wage, Matthew Gentry

Childhood Technology Use: A Predictor of Adult Perspectives on Technology in Education, Amanda Gibson and Kara Lurvey

Implications of a Nature-Based Science Enrichment Program for Early Literacy and Cognitive Development Outcomes, Amanda Gibson, Kara Lurvey, Trechaun Gonzalez, and Emily Forster

Love and Information: Stage Management, Nathan Gingrich

Refining the R-process with the SuN Detector at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Jason Gombas

Effects of Ketamine on Manic/Depressive Behaviors in Homocysteic-acid Treated Rats, Ethan Goodman, Rebekah Bierema, Matthew Commet, Brandon Ellsworth, Ryann Felton, Isaiah Hough, and Lucas Wiles

The Superior Colliculus (SC) is Necessary for the Normal Display of Diurnal Behavior in Nile Grass Rats, Alyssa Goodwin, Ohanes Khacherian, Laura Teal, and Carolina Marshall

The Effect of Lower Extremity Fatigue on Balance in Dancers, Cross-Country Runners, and Non-Athlete College Students, Mackenzie Govier, Courtney Kachlik, and Courtney Tuinier

Romantic Relationships and Instagram: How Relationship Duration and Gender Affect the Frequency of Social Media Posts, Taylor Gram, Kara Huber, and Erin Murphy

Genomic Analyses of the Novel Mycobacteriophage Opia, Megan Grimes, Jacob Peecher, Skylar Sundquist, Cassie Harders, and Shannon Smith

Do More Lenient Gun Laws Reduce Criminal Activity? The Impact of State Concealed Weapon Laws on Crime, Joshua Groenhof

A Case Study of Gender Based Violence in the United States with an Emphasis on Domestic Violence, Bany Guardado

Does Debt Discourage Marriage Early in Adulthood?, William Harrison

Global Survey of Water Quality Using Point-of-Use Water Filters, John Harron, Leah Krudy, Ross Nickels, Jonas Peterson, Benjamin Turner, Ismael Byers, and Collin Thomas

Financial Habits among the Faithful, Karl Heusinkveld

Coca-Cola: Bottling Happiness, Alissa Heynen

The Effects of Priming Heroes on Helping Intentions and Meaning in Life, Rachel Hibbard, Megan Edwards, and Kirstin Diepholz


Bacterial Counts in the Muskegon Area Watershed, Trevor Hile, Mariah Dingman, and Emily Zolman

Rock, Paper, Scissors, iPads: A Qualitative Study of the Choices Kindergarten Children Make When Composing Texts, Alexandria Hutchison

Honoring an Inmate through Socially Engaged Art, Katheryn Irwin, Leah Krudy, Julia Kirby, Darwin Guillen, Emily Branca, and Grace Hulderman


Carbon-Carbon Single Bond Activation Used for Coupling with Michael Acceptors, Jacob Jansen, Katherine Reed, Gabriella Dyke, Kathryn Trentadue, Caroline Gregerson, Christian Otteman, Jessica Stachowski, Janelle Kirsch, and Erik Phipps

What Causes Terrorism?, Samuel Jansen

A Middle School English Language Arts Teacher's Transition to Integrated, Project-Based Learning, Regan Jekkals, Katherine Supanich, Lara Iaderosa, Julie Isola, and Carly Sommavilla

Incorporating Exogenous Variables in Disease Incidence, Jiyi Jiang

The Effect of Stepsize on Prediction Accuracy in Time Series Models, Se Young Jin

Characterization of Cation Intercalation in Surface Bound Prussian Blue Analogues, Scott Joffre


Associations of Religious, Spiritual, and Health Behaviors Examined Through Daily Diary Methods, Allison Johnson, Heather DeBoer, Reagan Spindler, and Samuel Kuiper

Apathy, Sleep Disturbance, and the CLOCK Gene among Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease, Jamie Johnson

Same Sex Marriage in the United States, Anna Jones

Aerobic Training with the Elevation Training Mask, Cameron Jones, Dion Goliday, Derek Schaaf, and Brandon Perez


Growth of Pitcher’s Thistle on the Flower Creek Dunes, Charles Jordan, Amanda Sanders, and Clara Mitchinson

Does Oil Really Influence the Probability of Foreign Intervention?, Katrin Kelley

Little Modern Magazines, Katrin Kelley, Annika Gidley, Rachel Brumagin, and Joshua Chun Wah Kam

Roustabout: The Great Circus Train Wreck! Dramaturgy, Rachel Kennedy


Insight on Behavior Management Competencies from the Field of Special Education, Claire Kenyon

Relationship between Age and Outcomes of Patients Receiving Manual versus Mechanical Chest Compressions, Emma Kill

Level of Fly Vector Mutualism Depends on Epichloë Reproductive Strategy, Sarah Faith Kim

Beauty, Wit, and Friendship: The Recipe for Female Influence in Seventeenth Century France, Katelyn Kiner

In Situ Simulation and Confidence in Performing the Nursing Process during a Septic Medical Emergency, Olivia Klamt

Self-Regulation as an Underpinning Mechanism of Virtue, Kerri Knoll, Erin Freiburger, Rebekah Loker, and Natasha Jaina Bernal

Syrian Refugee Resettlement in the United States and Canada, Katelyn Kolker

Model Polymer System for Red Light Activated Azobenzene Molecules, Jessica Korte, Natalie Deering, and Nick Olen

Temperature Effects on a M. tuberculosis-infectious Subset of Mycobacteriophages, Adam Krahn, Tristan Tobias, Gloria Chang, Alison Rhodes, and Bethany Van Houten