Applying Editorial Processes to Streamline Manuscript Publication

Student Author(s)

Elizabeth Brigger

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Maria Burnatowska-Hledin

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Event Date



Nearly every scholarly journal has a different corresponding set of requirements or formatting expectations required for submissions – this can make it exceedingly difficult to prepare a manuscript in a timely fashion. Similarly, after a publication denies a submitted manuscript, a nearly complete revision is often required in order to resubmit the manuscript to a new publication. After spending months or even years on a project, it can be frustrating to see progress slowed in the pre-publication phase. In order to decrease such potential frustrations and increase the pace at which a publication is prepared, a variety of editing and processing tools were examined and employed. One program found to be useful, Mendeley, was used to simplify the work needed to change referencing style in the manuscripts. Another program, Fiji (an image processing program), was used to simplify the image fluorescence quantitation of cells in preparation for data interpretation. Both programs were relatively easy to learn, free to download, and could be employed in future manuscript preparations to reduce the amount of time spent on style and formatting revisions.

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