Stage Managing The Tempest

Student Author(s)

Nathan Gingrich

Faculty Mentor(s)

Reagan Chesnut

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The project will show the process of stage managing The Tempest from start to finish, and the effort required to stage manage a full production. Stage management is the organization and coordination of actors, production staff, designers for the set, lights, sound, and costumes, among others, and crew members to successfully create a theatre production. This involves running meetings between the various designers, recording information, such as useful notes for the designers not in attendance as well as blocking notes for the actors, at rehearsals, and running the show once it opens. This is referred to as “calling the show”, which involves giving cues for light transitions and sound effects to the operators of the light and sound boards, and may also include cues for projections or set movement. Notes and the script with cues marked are held in a large prompt book which represents the culmination of the stage manager’s work.

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