Needs Assessment of Community-Based Service Provider to Children with Disabilities and their Families in Zhengzhou, China

Student Author(s)

Samantha Klokkert

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Dennis Feaster

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This study was the third year of a series of studies that explored the programs available to children with disabilities in China. The purpose of this research was to gain the perspective of professionals and volunteers who work with children with disabilities in regards to the surrounding context of the work they do. Those interviewed were asked about their positive experiences, challenges, strengths, barriers, and areas of need that remain in order to provide adequate and complete service to this population. A convenience sample of workers and volunteers from an organization called GIFT was taken. GIFT is a domestic, Chinese, faith-based (Christian) charitable service organization that is a registered NGO in China. GIFT is headquartered in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. It provides services to meet the needs of the parents of children with disabilities. Through helping the parents, GIFT is able to also help the children with disabilities. A grounded theory approach to qualitative research was used. In order to complete this evaluation, the following process was followed: -10 interviews of 11 professionals at GIFT, along with 2 focus-group interviews -Transcription of raw data set (interviews) -Triangulation with multiple coders was used in the Open coding process to increase confirmability of findings -Triangulated axial coding to identify cross-cutting and organizing themes


This research was supported by a Jacob E. Nyenhuis Student/Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Grant.

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