The Psychology of Politics

Student Author(s)

Valerie Zavislak

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jeffrey Polet

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The research will analyze the relationship between political participation and patterns of voting behavior. Political participation will be assessed through political involvement and knowledge of government policies. Participation can be reflected or assessed in looking at individual voting patterns and behaviors. The study will assess how attitudes influence individual voting preferences and different patterns of voting behavior, assessing why people vote the way they do. Individuals with stronger party affiliation will have a higher level of political participation or involvement. These individuals will also have a higher rate of voter turnout overall. The study will look at how emotion and cognition drive political attitudes that influence their voting preferences. The research will further assess how knowledgeable people are of governmental policies. The research will emphasize the impact of public opinion that drives government policies and will address what has been done to increase political participation and voter turnout in upcoming elections.

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