Is Poverty Higher Among Immigrants Than Among Other Minority Groups?

Student Author(s)

Mahja Foster

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Virginia Beard

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The purpose of this research is to determine what factors influence the socioeconomic well-being of legal immigrants to the Unites States, and why those factors are important. In line with other research, this project defines a family’s socioeconomic well-being as a combination of their annual income, work experience, and educational background. This project investigates what factor(s), such as a legal immigrant’s country of origin, economic status of origin, prior education before immigration, reason for immigration, state of current residency, or even the ability to access governmental programs like welfare, affect the socioeconomic well-being of legal immigrants. Once the importance and sequencing of the influential factors on immigrant well-being is determined, this project will go further and seek to explain why certain immigrants have better or worse socioeconomic standing than other ethnic minority groups in the United States.

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