Service Providers: A Faith-Based Comparison

Student Author(s)

Hunter Brumels

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jeffrey Polet

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Over the past few years, service organizations and aid service programs have gained prevalence in society due to increased need and the Bush administration’s push for faith-based service organizations to be considered equal and receive equal financial assistance from the government. This has prompted many researchers to begin looking into the differences between faith-based organizations (FBOs), secular service providers, and government agencies that provide services to low-income families and individuals. Scholars have agreed that, based on research, these different types of organizations differ in terms of accessibility, delivery of services, and transparency. It is common to believe that some types of organizations do better than others at accessibility, delivery of services, and transparency of the organization. This research paper will focus on the common distinctions made about FBOs and address the differing qualities and the level of success achieved by each type of organization, determining which type of service provider is better at which organizational factors and overall is a better service providing entity.

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