Vestibular Role in Concussion

Student Author(s)

Brandon Parcell

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Margaret Frens

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Sports related concussions have gained a great deal of publicity in recent years. The prevention, management and rehabilitation of this injury is complex. The purpose of this case study is to examine the effects of vestibular therapy use on an athlete who has sustained multiple concussions and suffered from post-concussion syndrome. After a concussion, the vestibular system is compromised due to the energy crisis in the brain. Vestibular therapy is one of the techniques used to assist with post-concussion syndrome. It aims to tease out and reduce symptoms of a concussion by challenging the complex vestibular system which controls balance, posture, retinal fixation, and proprioception. In this case, the athlete saw decreased symptomology with vestibular therapy. More research on when vestibular therapy can begin with post-concussion syndrome is warranted.

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