Injury to the Hip in Military Personnel: A Case Study

Student Author(s)

Tyler Marone

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Margaret Frens

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The prevalence of injury in the military is one of the leading causes of delay of graduation or withdrawal from basic combat training. This case study was a college-aged female who serves in the Army National Guard. On January 24, 2015, this client suffered a third degree rectus femoris, iliopsoas strain, as well as a labral tear in the left hip. The mechanism of injury was a sit-up. Because of her need to complete AIT (Advanced Individual Training), her recovery was placed on a “rushed” status. Throughout her three month period of recovery, she underwent a variety of diagnostic testing and visits to various medical specialists. She was cleared for active military duty on April 30, 2015. This study explores the frequency of injury during military training and the experiences of this client throughout her recovery.

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