Peroneal Tendon Subluxation: a Case Study

Student Author(s)

Emily Florek

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Margaret Frens

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Subluxation of the peroneal tendons is an uncommon musculoskeletal pathology characterized by the peroneal tendon partially dislocating from the retromalleolar groove of the fibula. The peroneal tendons subluxate as a result of a complete tear of the superior peroneal retinaculum. This pathology leads to instability of the ankle and overall dysfunction of the joint. The gold standard of treatment is surgical intervention to repair the retinaculum or deepen the retromalleolar groove. Subluxation of the peroneal tendons is commonly misdiagnosed as lateral ankle instability due to recurrent lateral ankle sprains. Therefore, it is imperative for health care professionals to recognize the differences between these two pathologies. This case study examines a patient who was diagnosed with peroneal tendon subluxation and was treated through surgical intervention.

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