Liberty, Equality, Sisterhood: The Role of Women in the French Revolution

Student Author(s)

Julia Fulton

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Brigitte Hamon-Porter

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It is fitting that a woman, Marianne, is the symbol of France. The French Revolution shaped France into what it is today, and there would not have been a revolution without the help of women. In my research, I analyze the actions of women during the French Revolution, including their participation in the signing of petitions, demonstrations in the streets, and the violent riots of 1789. I give examples of influential women of the movement, and I explain how women were used as symbols of revolutionary ideals. Although women played an essential role in the French Revolution of 1789, their condition barely improved during the post-revolutionary period. It is ironic that despite all the contributions of women and despite the fact that they represented the face of the revolution, they were not respected as authors of their own fate, nor even as legitimate citizens of the republic. My research concludes by analyzing the reasons why women did not earn significant gains despite all their contributions during the revolution.

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