Self-Determination Skills: Are Ready for Life Students Prepared for the Future?

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Dr. Jane Finn and Dr. Elizabeth Horton

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Ready for Life is a program on Hope College’s campus that works with post-secondary students with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are seeking a college experience. These individuals, who would normally not be able to be involved in higher education, are given the opportunity to attend selected Hope College courses in conjunction with receiving specialized transition skills instruction from their Ready for Life instructors. These skills are essential for these students to possess in order for a smooth transition from the program to the adult world. The Transition Planning Inventory-2 (TPI-2) was administered to the Ready for Life students in the fall of 2015, in order to measure their level of competence with specific transition skills according to Michael Wehmeyer’s ARC definition of self-determination autonomy abilities. Descriptive statistics, a one sample T-test, and a Pearson Correlation reveal the transition skill areas with a satisfactory level of competence compared to those skills that should be improved upon before leaving this unique program.

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