Shaped by Flames

Student Author(s)

Noah Jurik
Robert Byrne

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Choonghee Han

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Event Date



Hope College occupies about a four block diameter of downtown Holland, MI, but it wasn't always so. We (Noah Jurik & Robert Byrne) began investigating the consolidation of Hope's campus after Van Raalte Hall, a major administration building, burned to the ground in April of 1980. This documentary follows the stories of six people that were on campus at the time, from their experiences of the building, the fire, and the aftermath, to their impressions of how campus life changed as a result. Thanks to the Joint Archives of Holland and Hope College's Former Associate Vice President of Public Relations, Tom Renner, we were able compile an extensive photographic history of the event.


This project was supported by Hope’s Communication Department and the Joint Archives of Holland.

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