Exploring Visual Appeal of Women's Health Apps

Student Author(s)

Noah Jurik

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Marissa Doshi

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Women use mobile phones to manage their health (mHealth), highlighting the need for an analysis of the range of apps available to women to manage their health. Recently, researchers have begun questioning behaviors and knowledges prioritized through mHealth design. In addition, the intersections of gender and mHealth in terms of design require further examination. However, what makes iTunes health applications desirable based on visual appeal remains under-explored. This study will analyze the popularity of women’s health applications based on the color and images included in the icon. Research question: Which colors and images of a women’s health app icon correlate with popularity? For this content analysis of the visual appeal of women’s health apps, popularity was measured by number of reviews and ratings based on iTunes’ five-star scale. Popularity was correlated with color and images on the icon. The results of this study provide a methodological framework for designers of women’s health apps and improve understanding about which visual appeals are persuasive in digital design.


This project was funded by the Hope College Department of Communication.

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