Predicting Closeness Behaviors: Additional Validation of the Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale

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Dr. Jayson Dibble and Dr. Carrie Bredow

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The Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale (URCS; Dibble, Levine, & Park, 2012) was introduced as a self-report measure of relationship closeness. This research seeks to provide additional evidence for the construct validity of the URCS. After completing the URCS and other leading measures of closeness, participants will be randomly assigned to hold a short conversation with a friend or a stranger. If the URCS is measuring relational closeness, then it should predict behavioral outcomes associated with closeness such as physical distance between conversation partners and amount of eye contact. Moreover, we seek to learn whether the URCS will outperform the leading alternative measures. Results will inform better measurement of relationship closeness.

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