Transracial Adoption: Faith, Race, and Home in Multiethnic Countries

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Dr. Kristen Gray

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More than ever before, the question, “Where am I from?” becomes harder and harder to answer. Globalization has deeply affected the field of transracial adoption (or TRA), in which a child of one culture is adopted by parents of another. Transracially-adopting families worldwide are raising important, very human questions in their communities: Where’s home? Can I call two homes home? Are we perpetuating or challenging racism? What can we learn from history? We would like to invite our community to listen, learn, and even challenge its assumptions of what home, adoption, and community really mean in an ever-diversifying world. Ultimately, communities need to realize that race and ethnicity are very different constructs, and that transracial navigation— negotiating the often bewildering boundaries of human diversity— is vital to truly understanding the complexities of TRA youth and their families.

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