Urinetown Prompt Book

Student Author(s)

Jacqueline Marschke

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Michelle Bombe

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The Hope College Theatre Department produces a musical every other year. Producing a musical is a considerable undertaking for directors, actors, musicians, designers, and technicians alike. As a collaborative art, musical theatre displays the creative knowledge and talents of multiple artists. The stage manager is responsible for recording the progress of the production from each of the departments (directors, cast, musicians, design teams, etc.). As the conduit of communication, the stage manager is tasked with keeping communication lines open between every member of the production team. This is accomplished via emails, production meetings, rehearsal and performance reports, technical plots, and other forms of documentation. The stage manager ensures that needs are being met for everyone involved throughout the process – from pre-production to the final performances. Clear, concise, and prompt recordkeeping ensure that every creative team member can work efficiently and effectively to realize the vision of the production. This project, “Urinetown Prompt Book,” showcases the documentation work that stage manager, Jacqueline Marschke, for the theatre department’s Fall 2014 production of Urinetown, a musical set in a futuristic dystopia where all the citizens are taxed to use public restrooms. This particular production included an off-site designer, so this project will reflect the use of Skype, Google Docs, and Dropbox as additional communication tools that a stage manager can utilize.

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