Integrating Music through the Holland Community: A Community Music School at Hope College

Student Author(s)

Matthew Milliken

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Julia Randel

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This project focused on introducing the potential of a community music school nonprofit for the greater Holland, MI area. Substantial evidence from literature was created for an argument for arts and culture, and music nonprofits were considered and advocated for. Various nonprofits such as CultureWorks, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Holland Arts Council were considered for a potential community music program; Hope College was chosen for the consideration of such a program. A case was made as to why Hope College would be a strategic and sustainable organization to establish a music program that offers classes, lessons, and workshops to individuals of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds. With the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts nearing completion, the college is presented with a unique opportunity to assess the needs and involvement between the Holland community and Hope College community. The research conducted offers an introductory argument for the implementation of a community music school at Hope College.

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