AUX YEUX DE…: A Study of the Perceptions of the Mali Empire

Student Author(s)

Maria Gowon

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Brandon Guernsey

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“Aux Yeux De…” unearths the perceptions of the Mali Empire that dominated West Africa from 1250AD – 1650AD. The project follows the travels of Ibn Batouta, a Berber Islamic lawyer nicknamed the “Marco-Polo of the East,” as he journeys through the Empire during the 1350s. We revisit the Empire once more in the mid-1500s through the travels of André Alvarez d’Almada, the son of a Portuguese colonizer of the Cape Verde Islands. The project explores how Batouta and d’Almada simultaneously represent and form Arab and European perceptions of the Mali Empire through their travels and writings.

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