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Dr. Jason Gillmore

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We are reinvestigating the work of Bauld and coworkers with respect to cation radical cycloaddition polymerization and dimerization. Bauld’s most easily oxidized monomers provide suitable substrates for testing our group’s novel photochromic photooxidants’ abilities to gate sensitivity to photoinduced charge transfer initiation of cation radical reactions of materials interest. For instance, N- 3-bis-(trans-1-propenyl)carbazole should be able to be photooxidized by the longwavelength isomer of our quinazolinespirohexadienone photochrome. Revised synthesis of Bauld’s monomers and a comparative study of their initiation by chemical oxidants, direct electrochemical oxidation, conventional photooxidants and our novel photochromic photooxidants will be reported.


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Career Grant CHE- 0952768.