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Katherine Sauer

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Dr. Julie Kipp

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When it comes to culture war issues, everyone has an opinion. Groups or institutions whose constituents are of mixed opinions find themselves in the middle and struggle with the tension created by these divisive issues. Hope College is not immune from the struggle, particularly regarding sexuality. This project serves as an experimental attempt to address the need for bridge building and conversation about sexuality as it relates to Christianity. The Love Is an Orientation DVD curriculum produced by the Marin Foundation was used as the instructional foundation of a series of workshops for students, with the purpose of addressing issues of sexuality in a safe, structured way. The workshops emphasized dialogue as an effective format of communication because its purpose is to allow people of diverse views to achieve understanding through a process of listening, reflecting, and sharing. Through these dialogue-driven workshops, students can engage people from a variety of backgrounds in conversation in order to better understand the way that sexuality and Christianity come together.