Student Author(s)

Gianna Ramirez
Leigh Wynveen

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Charles Green and Professor Yolanda Vega

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Sex Tourism, the act of traveling from one’s nation of origin to another nation with the primary motivation of having commercial sexual relations, is a global issue. The sex tourism industry affects wealthy and poor nations. Sex tourism has a negative effect on sex workers, the societies of the home nations of tourists, and the destinations. The international response to sex tourism furthers the industry and rarely seeks justice for the victims. In some cases, international involvement only enhances the stigma against sex workers. Thailand and the Netherlands serve as two vastly different case studies to determine government intervention and the brothel’s power in the international business world. The findings showed that the emotional and physical abuse sex workers face at the hands of tourists are often ignored due to bribes, power positions, and laws that turn a blind eye away from foreigners.