Effects of Graduated Compression Tights on Repetitive Vertical Jumping

Student Author(s)

Jordyn Severt

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kevin Cole

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Wearing compression garments may reduce the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness and decrease the deleterious effects of prior exercise on muscle strength and power. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of graduated compression tights on repetitive vertical jumping and fatigue in a setting designed to simulate an athletic competition. Five men and five women with a background in power and strength-based competitive sports completed the study. All subjects initially reported to the laboratory for a familiarization session where they were introduced to the warm-up protocol and the procedures for the vertical jump testing. They were then randomly assigned to begin the testing procedures the following week wearing either graduated compression tights or running shorts. For each testing session the subjects dressed in the appropriate attire and then began with a standard dynamic warm-up procedure followed by three maximal vertical jumps separated by 10 seconds each. After these three maximal jumps the subjects performed 12 more vertical jumps with two minutes between jumps to simulate a competition situation. Subjects then rested in a seated position for a two-hour period. This break was provided to simulate the time period between games or track events before more activity takes place. Following the break the subjects repeated the warm up and vertical jump procedure. One week after the first testing session the entire protocol was repeated under the opposite condition. The results will be analyzed to determine if graduated compression tights can delay fatigue and improve repetitive vertical jump scores. The results of this study may be beneficial to anyone seeking to improve performance in strength and power based sports and may help to improve knowledge of mechanisms of action of compression gear on recovery from exercise.

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