Examining Educators’ Attitudes of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Student Author(s)

Jacob Verschueren

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr.Vicki-Lynn Holmes and Dr. Jane Finn

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In October 2013, the House and the Senate officially approved the initiative for statewide implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics, and has been met with much hesitation and opposition from educators. To learn more about secondary mathematics teachers’ views of the mathematics standards and their preparedness in putting them into practice, Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics in conjunction with Hope College surveyed 100 secondary math teachers after participating in a 3-day Common Core-related conference. Attendees reported on a range of topics, including how prepared they felt to teach different student demographics, their familiarity with different math subjects’ standards, and what they felt would be helpful for improving their comfort with the CCSS in math classrooms. The results of Chisquared comparisons between the pretests and the posttests suggest results that most teachers felt familiar with what was expected of them. These secondary teachers felt their curricular materials were not aligned with the CCSS, and more targeted preparation was necessary. The student populations causing most concern were ESL and special education students. Finally, educators reported that more planning time, more time to collaborate with colleagues, and access to more CCSS curricular materials would be helpful to prepare for classroom implementation. Information from this study can be used to create more effective professional development sessions in the future.

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