Independent Skills Improve! Results of the Transition Planning Inventory

Student Author(s)

Chris VanKampen

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr.Vicki-Lynn Holmes and Dr. Jane Finn

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The purpose of this study was to determine whether the Friendship House roommates with disabilities believed that they have grown in their independent living skills. The Friendship House is a unique living situation where individuals with cognitive disabilities live side-by-side with university/college students. For this study, the residents with disabilities were surveyed using the assessment entitled the Transition Planning Inventory (TPI). The questions queried about these individuals’ employment, further education/training, daily living, leisure activities, community participation, health, self-determination, communication, and inter-personal relationships. Results from the TPI show that these roommates with disabilities believed that they improved in the areas of community, self-determination and communication. Overall, the Friendship House has shown a positive effect on these residents with disabilities in terms of improving their transition skills.

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