College Students' Perceptions of a Tutoring Program

Student Author(s)

Audrey McKenzie
Kelly Leikert

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jane Finn and Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes

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Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) is a one-on-one after school tutoring program where at-risk elementary students from the Holland area are paired with a Hope college student. These college tutors come from a variety of majors and volunteer their time. The elementary students come to Hope College’s campus twice a week for two-hour sessions to work on homework, reading, and life skills. For this study, the Hope College tutors were surveyed to uncover their perceptions about the elementary student’s enjoyment of CASA, academic achievements, and benefits of the CASA program. This survey is part of a longitudinal study and the results and conclusions of the project are summarized in our research.

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