Perceived Religious Discrimination of the Affordable Care Act: A Millennial Generation Perspective

Student Author(s)

Chelsea Barfield

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Sheri Geddes

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is changing the American healthcare system. Worldwide media attention has been given to the controversial question: should all people be entitled to basic health-care, including surveys from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Pew Research Center, and the Wall Street Journal. However, minimal research has focused on the perspectives of the millennial generation. The purpose of this project was to survey the beliefs of Hope College students regarding the Affordable Care Act, specifically focusing on potential religious discrimination. While our study was inconclusive regarding perceived religious discrimination, it revealed that students have limited knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, and their knowledge sources are diverse.


This material is based up work supported by the Frost Research Center at Hope College.

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