Technology and Exercise in Older Adults

Student Author(s)

Emilie O'Connor

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Susan Dunn and Dr. Barbara Vincensi

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Technology is expanding and becoming connected to many aspects of everyday life. Research is needed that investigates the connection between technology and daily life, especially where these intersect with health and in healthcare. This research project is based on Imogene King’s Interacting Systems Theory, as it focuses on health and outside interacting systems. The purpose of this research is to investigate relationships between frequency of exercise and perceived technology literacy in individuals over the age of 65 years. This will be investigated through a cross-sectional descriptive study in the form of a survey that will be administered via SurveyMonkey. The survey will be sent to a convenience sample of men and women who belong to an organization for retired professionals in Michigan. A sample size of 160 is expected. Data collected will be analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics using SPSS 19.0 software. Results and conclusions are pending. Anticipated limitations are the homogeneity of the sample being mostly of Caucasian descent, primarily of the same education level, and being from the same geographic area, limiting generalizability. It is expected that findings will increase nursing knowledge relative to technology and exercise in older adults and be used as groundwork for a larger nursing study that will investigate technology and exercise as an intervention to decrease hopelessness in cardiac patients.

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