The Emerging Indigenous Knowledge and Practices Implemented by Smallholder Farmers of Kibale District in Uganda

Student Author(s)

Catherine Namwezi

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Yew-Meng Koh


John Tusiime, J.S. Bongyereire and Buye Ronald, African Rural University, Uganda

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A study on actual and emerging indigenous knowledge and practices implemented by smallholder farmers was carried out in three sub-counties of Kibaale District in Uganda. Using the data collected from this study, we wish to:  identify past and present practices used to enhance farm production and productivity  determine the impact modern farming methods has had on indigenous knowledge  determine the relationship between the desired and actual food production of smallholder farmers  identify the cultural and religious practices associated with enhanced agricultural production and agro-ecosystem management among the farmers. Summaries of several variables in the dataset will be presented and discussed. We will use inference from different statistical models to answer the questions listed above and conclude with an overall summary of our findings.


This research was supported by Uganda Rural Development and Training program.

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