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Professors Kristen Gray, Brigitte Hamon-Porter, Amy Otis-De Grau, Yolanda Vega and John Yelding

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Hunger is an issue in both developed and developing countries all over the world. Depending on where a person is living, hunger is either the desire for food or continuous food deprivation. In this study, we examined and compared hunger in the United States and Somalia. We conducted a variety of research and performed surveys to tackle this project. We focused our research on the prevalence of hunger, including its causes and effects, and the various solutions in place to alleviate this problem. Compared to Somalia, the United States has more national programs in response to the issue. According to our research, hunger in the United States is due to political and cultural reasons; while in Somalia, it is primarily due to agricultural and environmental factors. While there are varying effects of hunger in the two countries, there is a list of general critical effects of hunger, including developmental deficits and emotional and social consequences.