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Dr. Jayson L. Dibble

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The Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale (URCS; Dibble, Levine, & Park, 2012) is a new measure of relationship closeness. The purpose of this study is to provide additional construct validation for the measure by determining whether the scale predicts closeness-related behaviors. For example, closeness and physical proximity are positively related. This study tests the proposition that higher scores on the URCS will correspond with shorter distances between two participants. After completing the URCS, participants will engage in a short dyadic conversation with either a friend or a stranger. The distance between the participants’ chairs will be measured. These interactions will be videorecorded, and the videos will be coded for verbal and nonverbal indicators of closeness (e.g., body orientation, eye contact). To the extent that URCS scores predict behavioral indicators of closeness, more confidence can be placed in the measure.