An Organizational Approach to Platform Fundraising

Student Author(s)

Ryan Campbell

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jayson Dibble

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Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) must connect with donors in order to function. The digital age affords many new ways of reaching donors, and these new ways may or may not be preferred over traditional modes of connection (e.g., mailed letters). Thus, the determination of the best means for NPOs to reach their donor bases is critical and worthy of discussion. The current research is a pilot study designed to explore how NPOs utilize social media and other Internet-based platforms to connect, share, inspire, and/or solicit. In-depth interviews will be conducted with employees and administrators of NPOs to learn information regarding the approaches, ideas, mistakes, and observed impacts of various approaches, from the perspective of the NPO. Results will be used to inform NPO practices and direct further research.

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